Friday, 31 December 2010

Blog Candy

You really wouldn't want to miss this if you're a crafter.
Then again, if you do it'll give me more chance to win!!


To all my craft and blogging friends and followers

Thank you for all your support this year.
You will never know how much I've needed and appreciated it.

Here's to a New Year where all good things happen for us.

Love, hugs and much much more


Thursday, 30 December 2010


Soul Scrappers is running a challenge series based on GLEE Club (don't you love that show!!). Lots of great challenges, quizes, competitions and best of all lots of great prizes. Come on over and check it out here......

(Click picture above)


I've been introduced to a new place on the net and in January 2011
they're starting a new set of challenges based on GLEE Club.

I'm guessing that lots of you may have seen this programme, but I haven't,
so I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to be happening over there.

If you fancy joining us, please fill in my name (Sarah Sammons) as your referal.

See you over there
. .

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas One and All

See you here after the festivities xxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cinder Toffee

Quite simply one of the nicest sweets to eat, and so easy to make too.

In a matter of seconds the mixture went from this

to this

and all because I'd added a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.

I have a couple of tips for you though.

1. You need to have everything to hand and work quickly

2. You need the largest saucepan you have and a large tray with deep sides.

I realised too late that I didn't have the right tray, so mine ended up causing an avalanche.

I have tried a little off the side though and it's really yummy. The saucepan
looks a mess when you've finished, but boiling water soon fixes that.

Once cooled and broken up, you can part or fully coat them in melted chocolate.

UKScrappers Weekly Challenges - Dec 2010 Week 3/4

The challenge spans over 2 weeks, but I wanted to get my LO done.

The challenge was:
* to use 12 (either 12 photos, 12 embellishments or something else)
I've used 12 words in my journalling

* to use something computer generated (digi-LO or hybrid)
I've used my computer to make an acetate rub-on for the title and journalliing

* to use Christmas colours (red and gold or blue, silver and lilac)
I went with blue, silver and lilac

I've also used Pencil Lines latest sketch #218

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

One Day, Three LOs

Yep, one day and three LOs done.

Unfortunately, I can't share the first one with you yet as it's a Chinese
Whisper LO for Scrap Whispers. I was the last one in our team to do
this, so I should be able to share the LO with you before too long.

Weekly challenge this week was set by Jemma who challenged us to:

Do a page dominated by the photo(s) with no visible journalling
Decorate some chipboard
Have "white" space

I've managed all three

This month's House Challenge had two options.
I chose to go with option two which was to:

Use a photo of ourselves and journal about how we've got
on with the New Year's resolutions we made in January

The journalling reads:

"In January this year, I made some hopes (as I don't make resolutions) as part
of the 52 in 10 course Karen's been doing for us this year. My hopes were:
To find a job, To lose some weight, To get fitter, To find me, To laugh more.
Little did I know how much would change for me. As well as moving and being
newly divorced, I have accomplished more than one of my goals. So far I have
yet to find a job, I have lost just over half a stone (slow but steady progress), I
can walk further without my back hurting, I am finding the single me again and I
am smiling more than I did before. Here's to more progress in 2011."

Saturday, 11 December 2010

12 Days Of Christmas ~ Photography Workshop ~ Festive Photowalk

I missed the opportunity to get out with my camera while the snow and ice
were on the ground once we were given this assignment. I did however, take
some photos the day before the course started and here's a couple.
All I've done is re-size, I'm not allowing myself any other
digital enhancing while I'm doing these assignments!

Yesterday, I stood in a car park waiting for my lift home and decided
to grab my camera. Here's some of the photographs I took.

This tree has only been re-sized 

while I've cropped a stop sign from the bottom
of this one and also cropped from the sides too.

I've just re-sized this photograph, but a cropped version is
below. Which do you prefer as I'm not sure of my favourite.

Monday, 6 December 2010

O Christmas Tree

So, this year, I'm forced to find myself somewhere to live, end up living alone and never sure what I think about it, divorce, change my surname and I'm still out of work.

But, it's nearly the end of the year and I'm hoping for a better one next year.

This year, I've had to move house, am living on my own which is still depressing at times, am newly divorced, have changed my surname, was stuck indoors all summer (doctor's orders) and am still out of work.

But it's nearly the end of the year that I want to put behind me and hopefully next year will be better and brighter.

And as it's nearly Christmas, I thought I'd try and get into the spirit of things. One item I took away from my marriage was the Christmas tree. Got it from Tesco last year thanks to their vouchers and it has built in lights. The biggest frustration I have with trees is putting the lights on and taking them off again. It's probably because I'm so short that it's hard to reach over and round. But to have them built in, meant that I had to change from clear to coloured bulbs. That was such a hard decision to make as I really didn't like coloured bulbs. This year though, I'm growing to like them. I'm hoping to pick up a gold angel for the top by the end of the week if my order's in the shop and the warehouse wasn't out of them. I could have it in silver, but that's not going to look right on a red and gold decorated tree.

If anyone has any tips on how to photograph an indoor Christmas tree, please pass them on. After half an hour I gave up and this is the best shot I have. Yes, I did play around with the white balance and flash on/off and others got thrown in there too.

I have recently acquired a Willow Tree Angel of Freedom figurine, so staged a photo with the tree, the figurine and my glass of wine

I had Christmas music playing too. I did myself a play-list about two weeks ago ready for tonight with over 6 hours of music, so that's been keeping me going. I have a rule that I will not play Christmas music until my tree is up. Early hours Sunday, I got it out of the box, on its stand and the branches ready, just so that I could play Christmas tunes. Couldn't do the baubles then as I was doing the CyberCrop on UKScrappers and that took precedence over the tree I'm afraid! But, it's up and decorated so let the festivities begin.

UKScrappers Weekly Challenges - Dec 2010 Week 1

As if you haven't had enough LOs from me, here's my LO
for this week's challenge on UKScrappers.

Cal asked for distressing, bling, masking and misting and
if we didn't include a cup, we couldn't get any points at all.

I've also used the class Forced Smile from this week-end's CyberCrop.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

UKS Scrappy Little Christmas CyberCrop ~ Part 2

What a week-end! Talk about mamouth scrapping
and I didn't do as much as some of the others!

I managed to get 1675 points for my team.

Didn't have a Mystery Kit and also didn't do:
Favourite Christmas Recipe (as we didn't discover baking until this year)
Deck The Halls Digi Challenge (don't do digi)
Favourite Tree Ornament (I only have red and gold baubles)
Christmas Village (didn't appeal as don't do ornamental things)

Ran out of time to do these LOs which I plan to do sometime:
We Three Kings
Christmas Is?
A Time For Family
Forced Smile
We Three Layouts

The first part of my crafting for the cybercrop is on this post.

And here's the rest, but be warned that it's photo heavy and long!

Saturday - a very full day of it!

Oh Christmas Tree 

LO Challenge
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
(the scroll is a letter from Santa to me)

Winter Beachcombing

Be You

Challenge Part 2
We Three Words
(didn't get part 3 done)

Quick Challenge #2
Dressed To The Nines
(didn't do #1)

A Winter's Tale

LO Challenge
Frosty The Snowman

Letter To Santa

Perfect Indulgence

LO Challenge
Christmas Wish

Bonus Class
Things To Do

Sunday - there were more, but I was playing catch up, so
had to choose what I did. I'm hoping to do more at some point

Quick Challenge #3
Comfort Food (well, drink really)

Winter Wonderland Treats

Quick Challenge #4

*** Just realised you won't necessarily know this is my sister, not me.
She did this as her fella said that all he wanted was her for that Christmas

Well done if you made it to the end.
I did warn you it was a long photo post!!!

Love, Sarah xx

Saturday, 4 December 2010

UKS Scrappy Little Christmas CyberCrop

It's that time of the year when UKScrappers have another CyberCrop.

I'm on the Christmas Fairies team.

The CyberCrop started Friday 3rd December at 7pm
and will continue over the week-end until Sunday at 8pm.

Here's my crafting for the first evening:

Maria's Learning To Ski Class
using felt, stitching and glitter

Challenge Part 1
We Three Trees

Season's Greeting

Can't wait for 8am to come around to see what's next.

12 Days Of Christmas ~ Photography Workshop ~ Spell It Out

This photo has been cropped and re-sized with no additional editing.

I've was at Mum's so used her Upwords game for this assignment.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

12 Days Of Christmas ~ Photography Workshop ~ Balancing Act

These photos have been cropped, re-sized and made into a collage.
No other editing has been done to them.

They were taken using a photo tent with grey backdrop.

Thanks Mum for the loan of your duck :D

Photos on the left were taken without using a flash
whereas the ones on the right had auto flash on.







So, what do you think? Flash on or off? Is there really a contest?

Which is your favourite?