Monday, 9 August 2010

New Blog

If you're a reader of my craft/ramblings, photo or on-line classes blogs, you've probably come here through links on those (must remember to go to those and link to here). If you're new to my blogs, welcome and I hope you like what you see and continue to visit.

You're probably wondering why the new blog? Well, I have decided to amalgamate all three of my blogs into one. I hope I haven't made a mistake in doing so, but if I have, I'll rectify it.

I have nothing to show you here, just wanted to welcome you all to my new place.

Love to you all, Sarah C xx


Sian said...

*waves* I'm here Sarah.

Sarah C said...

*waves* back at ya mmmmmwah

Picturit said...

Looking forward to you new blog