Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ In The Frame by Lisa

So, The Studio Challenges cybercrop is well under-way and I managed to do a LO (Becky Fleck's Sketch) before leaving to have my leg re-dressed. and have managed two LOs since I've been back.

Lisa Saunders has shown us three different techniques for framing our photographs. I've yet to do the last one (Stitched Frame), but here's the two I have done:

Painted Frame
Kieran has always called cuddles, cuggles. Don't cha just love the cute words children come out with?

Circular Frame
Kieran having tickles with Nanny.

And yes, I realise that a lot of my LOs today feature my youngest nephew. I was lucky enough to be at my Mum's a week ago when he was there with his sister. She spent her time outside with her friends and my camera batteries lasted long enough to get some lovely photos of him. Can't believe he's two and a half now. Where has that time gone?

Love, Sarah C xx


lisa said...

Oh wow Sarah, I'm so impressed.
Those frames are fab. Thank you so much for giving it a whirl : )

Sian said...

Wow, you've been busy. Great LOs, gorgeous photos.

Rebekah said...

I especially love the elmo LO. Great take on the class x

Amanda Jones said...

I'm getting deja vu here... LOL

I love your painty frame - you should play with paint more often I think it really suits your style :)

Hope your leg is healing nicely and you get to play along with some more of our challenges xx