Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 14

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I should learn from times gone past, be more vocal and say what I need rather than go along with things and get to the point where I've had enough for one day. Too many times have I just gone with things and not said when I need a break.

Yesterday was no exception.

Mum came over and while she was here, she wanted some printing done for a couple of church groups. What I thought was going to be relatively quick and easy, took a few hours. Part way through, I was thinking "I really need a break."

Did I say anything? Did I tell her? Did I have that break? Well, I tried. I suggested that we have a drink, but she didn't want one saying "I'm ok, this is what I need doing next" So, there went my coffee break and with it, all hopes of me getting a computer break too. After almost 3 hours, we finally finished. I felt as bleak as the weather (it was raining rather hard), hungry and fed up. It felt good to be able to help the lady who'd been my wheels while my leg was out of action, but I also felt mean feeling the way I did about how long it had taken too.
I know I should have said something earlier, should have insisted that I had a break and this is something that I struggle so much with. Maybe one day I'll get there, but until I do, I'll go over hers afterwards (like I did yesterday) and eat her jaffa cakes as a reward. They were nice too :D

Love, Sarah C xx


Mary B said...

Oh Sarah {{{{{{{{{{huggle}}}}}}}}} something seem so hard to do don't they especially when it has to do with a parent.
Do hope that you find the way to say to her when your need that break.

scrappyjacky said...

It can just be so hard to say no....especially to a loved one.