Sunday, 19 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 19

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Sunday, quiet boring Sunday. After six days, it rolls around again.

I had a really long lie-in followed by an afternoon of doing nothing really. Spent the time playing games over the internet, all the while looking at the kitchen thinking "I really must get in there, do some washing up and clean the place". All afternoon.

Finally, at around 21:00, I get in there and by 21:50 I've washed up everything in site, cleaned every surface and got the rubbish ready to go out in the morning. Followed by a sit down and cup of coffee as my leg was screaming for a rest.

Next time I think about putting off the chores, I'll try to remember what I've learnt here and just get on and do them.

Love, Sarah C xx


Mary B said...

That is a lesson I need to learn but never seem to do so. *hangs head in shame*

Sarah C said...

it's a lesson I'll be re-learning every couple of days or so *hanging my head in shame too*

ann said...

Hi Sarah.....I think we are all guilty of this