Monday, 20 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 20

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I had to smile when I got today's prompt.
In it, Shimelle tells us that she's gone from being a red and black girl to loving pink and almost overnight.

Until about almost two years ago, I was a black and purple girl. So much so, that my crop-a-dile had to be purple (and I trawled the net looking for one too!!) and my ex-DH had to suffer a purple bedroom a few years ago. I also scrapped in purple a lot.

I still like black, but I'm now a pink girl (including changing my crop-a-dile to a pretty pink one!). When I moved into my flat in May, I decided that I wanted the living room, kitchen (sort of open plan living) and bathroom to be black and red. Colours my ex would have cringed at. So, I got some red towels and  tea-towels for the kitchen and a small amount of red accessories for the living room. Already had a black towel for the bathroom. Three months on, I've changed my mind. I want black and pink for the kitchen and living room and brown and pink for the bathroom. My bedding's been brown and pink for over a year now!!! And I hardly ever scrap in purple now.

My youngest sister despairs of me as in her words "pink's my colour, purple's yours". Sorry sis, but pink's mine now too. I know changing colours wasn't a conscious decision. I've learnt from that, that not everything is planned, some things just happen.

Love, Sarah C xx


Pippa said...

I love pink (cerise pink especially) & turquoise, hence my profile piccy.
When I look back at the colours that have been in my life it's amazing really. I now have a B,W bathromm with Cerise towels (changed from black towels to get some colour in there!), and a black & Cream bedroom (used to be just cream and was too bland!)

Anonymous said...

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