Tuesday, 28 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 27

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Today's been another eventful day in the life of my family and I.

My little sister's still poorly, but getting better slowly
(thank you for the well wishes. They've been passed on).

I'm back to square one with my leg now. Had to go and have it re-dressed today (a day early) as the dressing was getting soaked. I've to go back Wednesday afternoon and I may end up with my leg bandaged from knee to toe to see if that helps.

What I do know, is that even when things aren't that great for you, it's still possible to help others just by being there. My little sister and I have been doing that for each other these last couple of days and will be tomorrow too.

Love, Sarah C xx


Mary B said...

Oh poor you {{{{{{{{Huggles}}}}}}}}}}} why is it weeping so much do they say?

Sarah C said...

Thanks Mary and nope they've not said. The nurse today, said that it's healing, but that's what was said last week just before it started again!!