Thursday, 9 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 8

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The good and the bad happened yesterday.

The good being I made another 3 LOs (which are posted below this post)
and spoke to my friend on the phone for nearly 3 hours.

The bad being my printer nearly got thrown out of the window.
Why do we let electronics get to us like that? They're only a piece of machinery after all. All I wanted to do was print a few words onto acetate and it told me I needed to change the yellow ink. Easy enough, but once it had charged, it had run out of pink. That was the 'not so easy' bit. Do you think I could get the old cartridge out???? It's like it was sitting there saying "hey buddy, I ain't moving for no-one"! But I needed it shifting, so I pushed and pulled, spoke to it nicely, then told it off for misbehaving and nothing worked. So, I switched it off, blew it a raspberry and left it sitting on the edge of my desk while I changed the title for my LO and used chipboard letters instead.

A few hours later and I decided to do battle again. Deep breathing was called for and I pushed and pulled yet again, but this time I won!!!!!!!!! I certainly made the printer pay for it though as I had it print photos as well as acetate rub-ons last night.

So, lesson learnt today? If at first you don't succeed, walk away and try again later if you can.

Love, Sarah C xx

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Picturit said...

A very good lesson in patience Sarah, I usually walk away and have a coffee before returning to the issue in hand. I have never printed on to acetate, I am interested in the process if you have time could you let me know what you print on acetate and what they look like. Maybe you could do a post on it. Kev x