Friday, 3 September 2010

The Sunday Creative ~ Prompt 10

I'm really sad that I haven't kept up with Madeline's The Sunday Creative. I've missed the last two week's.
I have managed to do the latest challenge though and this week's word is:


Once my thinking cap was on, I went round my house late at night, taking photos of some of the lights and lampshades. Here's the results:

The photo; above, was taken by my lying on the bed, trying to get the circles lined up inside each other.
From a standing view, it looks like this:

After taking these photos, I went to close my bedroom curtains, but stopped once I saw the view in front of me. The flats behind mine were illuminated by the street lamps, so I took a few shots and used a programme I have to make them into one panoramic photograph:

So, that's my take on the word illuminate. Wonder what this Sunday's word will be?

Love, Sarah C xx

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Sian said...

Fab photos, love the street scene.