Saturday, 30 October 2010

The End of the Decade

If you read this post, you'll know that ten years ago I met
the 'man of my dreams' and we became husband and wife.

The 'man of my dreams' stopped seeing me
as the 'woman of his dreams' and today I have
an envelope containing my final divorce papers.

Sometimes life sucks, but I must go on. I have no idea what
my future holds,I just hope that it's a happy and long life. What I
do know is that if he wants to wipe all trace of me from his life,
I can do the same. I'm making an appointment with my solicitor
to change my surname. I don't want the one that David gave
me when we married, I want my Dad's name. The name he
gave my Mum when they married and me when I was born.
My family name, not my ex-husband's.

Onwards and upwards? I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet,
but I'll come in sideways until I find my feet again if that's ok?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes life does such but you sound so strong. Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

Sue said...

Heres to the best bits yet to come! xx

Melissa said...

Sarah I love that you are sharing your emotions with us! From experience let me say that life gets better. I know it's cliche, but time is such a healer. Happiness comes in so many unexpected places during the bad times; take time to enjoy any little joy each day. (like that great little video clip on your blog today!) Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Sarah, I can only say that for me life got better at the most unexpected time so I am hoping that something special is just around the corner for you.

alison290 said...

I am sure there are lots of good things still to come in your seem too nice a person for it to be otherwise!

Sammi said...

(HUGS) LOVE you loads and really wish we had that jet plane now! I'd be right on over with some chocolate and a hug! xxx

Sarah C said...

I wish we had that jet too :( Maybe one day.

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement and the hugs. Much appreciated and needed today xx

Stephanie Joanna said...

Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way, Sarah. Thanks for being so brave and sharing your heart with us. xox

alexa said...

Sarah, I'm only getting to your post the day after, and hoping that the Be Happy video is still loud in your ears :). With your openness and ability to look things straight in the eye, I can only imagine good things coming from that. And sideways is fine!

Pen said...

Hi Sarah
I have only just had the chance to work through Shimelle's True Stories class forum, so I am sort of doing things backwards.
I read this post first, then went back to read prompt 2. Poignant and beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

humel said...

Sideways sound good. Sideways sounds perfect. I'm sorry you're going through this right now, but I really admire how you're handling it xx

Lara said...

Coming in sideways is just fine. Wishing you all the best Sarah. I'm sure changing your name will give you a sense of your self back. Keep smiling x