Sunday, 3 October 2010

An Increasingly Empty Cupboard Can Only Mean One Thing

Hurry up Tuesday and my Mr Tesco delivery. I've run out of some of my basics and about to run out of others with no hope of popping to a shop to grab anything before my delivery arrives. After eating my last part-bake baguette for lunch, I had no bread in the flat. Not even a crumb. And I was fancying something nice and slightly sweet too. Doesn't help that I'm full of cold and wanting scrummies all the time.

What a dilemma. What do I do?

Then I remembered that I had had Mum get me some bread flour and yeast, so into the kitchen I go.

Followed the recipe on the yeast box. All the while thinking to myself "how can I go wrong if I follow it to the letter? After mixing and kneading, I had some really smooth and shiny dough. One day I'll learn to take photos as I bake. Knowing that I wanted something slightly sweet too, I divided the dough.

Half was made into 8 rolls

The other half, I added sultanas and made a loaf
(yes it's meant to be that brown on top,
I love the added flavour that gives)

Both taste gorgeous. If you hurry over there may be some left.

Love, Sarah C xx

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