Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Mug That Is Me

Hee Hee, that gotchya looking didn't it?

Went to Huntingdon today with Mum.
First stop (and most important) was
for more Anita's Tacky Glue. As good as superglue,
just doesn't stick my fingers together.

Then on to Tesco to do a little shopping.
I needed greaseproof paper to help with my baking.

Yep, they have a travelator to get you to the top floor.
Mum went by lift as she hates moving floors.

As we arrived, we realised it was lunchtime,
so of course we had to eat first!

Nicely satisfied, we started shopping.
I went upstairs and found some
storage boxes that I just 'had to get'.
What else was I going to put all the baking in,
especially as I'm making my own bread after this week?
The pink rims were definitely the clincher here though LOL

Then I found this mug and it somehow 'jumped' into my trolley.
Well, it was only £2

I still can't work out how Mum can go to a different store
and walk out with an empty trolley. Baffled, that's me!!

After all that exhausting shopping, we headed back to mine
for a well deserved cuppa and a jam and buttered scone I'd made this morning.
(this is not the best scone from the batch, we ate those)

If you'd like the recipe, head over to Ruth's site (The Pink Whisk)
where you'll find loads of recipes including this one for scones.

I was really good and sent two scones
back with Mum, leaving two here for me.
Mustn't be greedy and keep them all for myself.

That's my day so far, how's yours been?


scrappyjacky said...

I love those 'Born to Shop' mugs...we've got quite a few...but haven't seen that one before.

Sarah C said...

I'm thinking of getting more of them. Can't afford any more at the moment, so might go for one a month. Hope they stay at that price until I've got them all :D

Sian said...

My day has been pretty good so far, thank you for asking! I bought a fantastic Martha Stewart Halloween magazine I'm all pleased with. That mug made me smile - I'm going to remember that one!

humel said...

I love the mug - I've got one from the range: 'I'm in my own little world. It's OK, they know me here' which I keep in the staffroom at school :-)

The scones look yummy! xx