Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Sunday Creative ~ Prompt 15

The Sunday Creative
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I found this week relatively easy. The word we've been given is:


I'm grateful that I have a couple of items
that used to be my Nan and Dad's.

Things that remind me of them and
make me wish they were here even more.

Firstly, there's a framed cross stitch
I made and gave to my Nan many years ago

and then my Dad's box set of Elvis vinyl
I used to love listening to it with him
(and we probably tried to sing along too!!!)

What do you have that makes you feel very nostalgic?
Why not photograph it and join in?
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Love, Sarah C xx


Mim Smith Faro said...

Almost everytime I visit my parents home, I ask to bring something home. It might be a small photo or maybe a pocketful of little wooden FP people. It could be a doll from my mom's collection or a piece of holiday goodness. I am slowly bringing all the things I loved from my childhood home to my own.

justine said...

what a lovely piece of nostalgia and gotta love elvis too!