Wednesday, 27 October 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 3

Rinse and Repeat

Here's some of my writing today using the prompt we
were given. I'm going to scrapbook this and use
photos of my nephews and niece as this is about them

I am thankful you are my sister's children
I am thankful that this makes me your Auntie
I am thankful for every minute I can spend with you
I am thankful we are so close
I am thankful for the funny faces you pull, making me laugh
I am thankful for your funny ways making me smile
I am thankful that you are growing up giving cuddles and hugs
I am thankful that you tolerate my photography addiction
I am thankful that I am able to see you all grow up
I am thankful and grateful and love you all


Stephanie Joanna said...

Awwww I bet they're really thankful that you're their auntie, too! Can't wait to see the layout.

Donna said...

Being an auntie is so great - you can have all the cuddles and giggles without the sleepless nights and tantrums! This will make a lovely LO :-) x

humel said...

That's lovely - perfect for a layout :-)

scrappyjacky said...

I bet they are thankful for you as well.....look forward to the layout.

Nadja said...

How sweet! They must be very special. I can't wait for my sister to start having children.