Saturday, 27 November 2010

12 Days Of Christmas ~ Photography Workshop

Am I happy or what? Yesterday, I learnt that I have won a place
on Cheryl Johnson's free on-line photography course titled

Tons applied, but I think about 100 were chosen and knowing how
lucky I am to be one of them, it makes me so grateful and happy.

Thank you so much CJ

The workshop starts on Wednesday 1st December, which happens
to be a day I'm away from my pad and in a house with no internet.
But am I letting that stop me? Nope, I'm taking my laptop and
going to spend some time in my Mum's local internet cafe.

Start as I mean to go on. With determination and intrepidation.

Today, I got my camera out and took a self-portrait.
I'm not a fan of self-portraits, but this had to be done. After a play
with different settings, using the tripod and timer and props, I almost
gave up. Time to go to plan C/D/E or whatever one I'd got to, I went
with 'stand near a plian wall, arm outstretched and just click' option.

Once done, I cropped it in Picnik and added some holly as a brooch.

But before I could do all that, the vain part of me came into play!
I had a check list:
1) wash hair
2) dry hair
3) style hair
4) put in contact lenses (you do not want a photo with glasses on)
5) put on make-up (but not your usual browns, that's boring)
6) find your best top and shrug thingy
and only once all that was done, I was ready to pose!!

So, unusually for me, this is me, out there for the world to see.
And looking at the result, I need to see if my lovely little sister's in the
mood to do some waxing and plucking as I can't afford salon prices.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
Tomorrow will be the same and the day after that.
And I intend to grab them all.

Watch out world, ready or not, here I come


alison290 said...

You've changed your Blog name Sarah-and you look great in that pic! congrats on the photography class

Sian said...

Lovely photo, it's great to see an uptodate piccy of you. I don't like photos of myself, so I won't let go of my camera!.

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies.

Alison, it's still called Where Art Happens, but the pin is there this week as it's Domestic Violence Week and I'm a survivor so like to do my bit.

Sian, I don't like photos of me usually so stay behind the camera. It wasn't until my niece asked why there were so few of me and was so disappointed there weren't more, that I'm slowly learning to face my fear. Hence the need for the preening before hand!! Took me around 2 hours to get one I'm remotely happy with.

Liberty :) said...

You look great! enjoy the class!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you

Cheryl said...

You will love CJ's class I did it the other year and loved it have fun x

Stephanie Joanna said...

I think you look beautiful in that photograph, I really do! And I love the little Holly brooch. Congrats on winning a place in the photography class, I for one cannot wait to see what kind of photos you snap! :)

Michelle loves ... said...

C u in class! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you for such lovely comments.

I can't wait for the class to begin properly. My camera might start to like me at last :D lol x

Lou and Mel said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for following our blog!
I'm so pleased to find someone else taking part in the photography course. I've only just read the email from Cheryl and am panicking already - A SELF PORTAIT??????? That is always the worst thing for me - I hate having my photo taken, let alone having to set one up!!!!
You've done a great job with your first photo - and of course you want to look your best!
I better get my thinking cap on - oooh maybe thats the portrait I need!

Pippa (pjbear) said...

You look fab, well done on being picked, good things for you ahead I feel positive vibes LOL!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing the cap :D Self portraits aren't as scary as you think. I still can't believe I'm saying that LOL

Thanks Pippa. Keep sending them this way. Hoping to do battle with my solicitor tomorrow