Thursday, 4 November 2010

This Flat

This Flat

is where I live, where I craft
and is where I've spent most of my time these last (almost) sixteen weeks
holds all my worldly goods
has an under-used kitchen
does not have a TV or stereo
nor a microwave, or tumble dryer or dishwasher
it shakes when a lorry goes past on the bypass
and also shakes when it's really windy
it has visitors, but not nearly enough
is rented, but is mine


Stephanie Joanna said...

I really love this journaling! It reminds me of my sweet flat too. :)

humel said...

How lovely - I get a sense of your space through this :-)

alexa said...

Hope the shaking isn't too great, and I am admiring the simplicity of your living (though I appreciate it might not be totally chosen). Glad you have heating - having not had any for three months, I am really appreciating ours!

Sarah C said...

Thanks ladies for your comments.

Alexa, it was my choice not to have a TV. Decided I could watch just about everything I liked on-lie and without a TV licence. I sold my stereo system and am going to be using the small CD/radio that's currently in the loft. I've been using my laptop for music, but I get distracted by the internet and nothing gets done around here!

I have never owned a dishwasher (unless you count my ex), I hardly used a microwave before I moved, so why start now? I have a Dri-Buddy to dry my clothes which packs away in a laundry basket when I'm not using it.

Simple living and easy, cheap solutions to those things a lot of people just 'couldn't be without!

Anonymous said...

Sweet post to your home.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post to your home!