Monday, 8 November 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 11

Inspiration Everywhere

Auction Sale

For Sale: one delicious afternoon of baking. All ingredients and equipment supplied. Bring an air-tight container if you want to take something home. Come and make your choice of fairy buns, biscuits and scones. A taste sensation not to be missed. Limited places, buy early.

Film Trailer

This holiday season watch the epic travels of a mother and daughter as they cruise around Somerset. Watch the sweets foam, bubble and explode, the cheese being moulded and the sun setting over the sea. Miss it and miss out.

An Alien Experience

Help! You'll never believe what I can see? Alien life form in funny shaped tin cans travelling on a hard black thing. There's weird lollipops that flash and these cans are stopping by them, but no-one's trying them. Wonder what flavours they are? I'm trying to stop these creatures to ask where I am, but they seem in too much of a hurry and don't even notice me. Do you think they miss out by speeding around and don't see what's around them?

I remember my Great-Grandad telling me to look out for lots of the green places he saw when he came here, but all I can see are tiny boxes that these creatures go in and out of. The bigger boxes are strange because every creature that goes in, comes out with a metal thing on wheels full of stuff that they put in their cans. Do you think they're robbing the boxes? Maybe we need to send down our police forces to sort them out.

If this place has changed so much since my Great-Grandad visited, remind me to tell my Great-Grandchildren not to come here as it's too strange.


The Best That Love Can Be by Russell Watson

This is a song that makes me feel nostalgic and all too often shed a tear too. I first heard this earlier this year when I'd been told by David that he definitely did not want me. The song is all about when love dies and keeping memories.

"When the heart is cold, together we're alone" "it's hard to carry on, going through the motions when there's nothing there".

"Take the past and hold it like a photograph" is like a knife plunging in my heart knowing that David didn't want any photographs of our time together. Our holidays, our days out, our lives, our wedding. He shoved them in a box for me to take. It hurt knowing that he was erasing all trace of me from his life.

"The Best That Love Can Be"? It's surprising how quickly it can change.


alison290 said...

Love all you've written today, but your IPOD shuffle is especially is always so directly linked with emotions-it can be very hard to listen to some things. I didn't realise your marriage break-up was so recent...I hope all this writing is helping you come to terms with it...lots of hugs coming your way!

Ginger said...

Great job Sarah! I like your Epic trailer!!

Lianne said...

I as well am especially inspired by the I-Tunes section, first, I am sorry for your heartache, but second, it can change for the better. I was engaged last year and called it off, I was not following my heart, my dreams, and I was going to make the biggest mistake of my life getting married, rushing into things when I wanted the family, the marriage, etc..but it wasn't right, it wasn't him. I know it hurt him, and I didn't do it intentionally. I needed to do what my heart said, for me and no one else and it was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. So with the bad, take from it the good, maybe it just wasnt meant to be, take the hurt, sadness and turn it into something better.... take the time to take care of yourself, better yourself and love yourself like no one else can or will do. keep smiling...

Melissa said...

Great journaling Sarah. Sign me up for the delicious afternoon of baking!

Anonymous said...

Nice take on the prompt! The Film Trailer sounds wonderful & I want to bid on the afternoon of baking! ;)

humel said...

Gosh, you got a lot out of this prompt! Good for you! xx