Monday, 1 November 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 6

The Big If

  • I don't re-set my alarm and get up when it first goes off, I'll probably be more awake
  • I could get tickets to anywhere at all, I'd get them for Australia so that I could go and meet my friend Sammi and take everyone in England who knows her too

  • I eat proper meals at proper meal times, I'll feel fuller and not want to snack so much
  • I had a bigger home, I'd have a craft room, music room, dining room, swimming pool, lounge with open fire, large kitchen and of course every bedroom would be en-suite
  • I don't spend so long surfing the net, I'll have more time for other things
  • I had my dream car it would be a pink Cadillac Convertible

  • I'm not careful with what I spend, I won't be able to pay my bills
  • I was braver when out with my camera, I'd take shots of people going about their business. Would love to do this on market day at Ely.
  • I cat nap during the day/evening, I won't sleep at night
  • I could do anything for Mum, I would get her her ideal bungalow in town and with a bus stop outside
  • If I don't clear up after a craft session, it'll only make more work next time
  • I had a magic wand, I'd give it to my sister with the children so she could have 3 wishes
  • I leave the washing up and housework, maybe the cleaning fairy will pay a visit one day


Pen said...

Great list, and I could relate with a fair few of them too :)

humel said...

Great post :-) And IF that cleaning fairy ever pays you a visit, send her my way next please! xx

karen said...

Hi Sarah,Its market day on Thursday.I checked.I dare you to go.If not The antique one on Saturday would be great.I did this in London and no one minded me getting up close and personal at all.I just explained I'm a bit mad and am learning photography.
Plus I had the same thought as you,if I didn't spend so long on my computer I would get something down.

alexa said...

Love the idea of a cleaning fairy :). I want one! Like your thinking ...

Anonymous said...

Great list, so many I could add to my list lol!

Jerrie said...

I really enjoyed your list. If I had a bigger house I'd need the cleaning fairy! :)

Ginger said...

I love your list here! So many I can relate to... especially the cleaning up after scrapping/crafting.

Sue said...

send that cleaning fairy this way !

Sian said...

A very good list. Isn't it such a great aid to journaling, that "if"? I'm loving it

Sammi said...

what a great list! LOVE it!! :D
You know the point I love the most! LOL but hey the market photos sounds awesome! DO it!!! You can do it!! :D

Sarah C said...

You guys are fab :D

Which point would that be then Sammi? LOL

Karen and Sammi, if I do brave the market place, I'll post some piccies on here.