Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Under House Arrest

Hey, cleaning fairy, where were you last night? I needed you to clean up as you knew the craft things had to be cleared from my dining table so I could empty the boxes from my Tesco delivery this morning. I even laid late to give you extra time to do it. But no, you abandoned me yet again. Did you read the last point on this post and the pleas from my friends for you to go to theirs next? If so, I'd love to know who got you because you certainly weren't here. I'm putting a warrant out for you to return home and then you're going under house arrest and aren't leaving here again. Send your identical twin instead.

From your ever hopeful human being.

So, if anyone has seen her, please tell her to fly back here ~ pronto!!! Thanks.


alexa said...

That's made me smile! And you're a technical whizz on your blog - if you can't find the fairy, I'll have the lady with the curlers in instead, please :)

humel said...

She's gone AWOL again? She's definitely not here.... :-(