Saturday, 11 December 2010

12 Days Of Christmas ~ Photography Workshop ~ Festive Photowalk

I missed the opportunity to get out with my camera while the snow and ice
were on the ground once we were given this assignment. I did however, take
some photos the day before the course started and here's a couple.
All I've done is re-size, I'm not allowing myself any other
digital enhancing while I'm doing these assignments!

Yesterday, I stood in a car park waiting for my lift home and decided
to grab my camera. Here's some of the photographs I took.

This tree has only been re-sized 

while I've cropped a stop sign from the bottom
of this one and also cropped from the sides too.

I've just re-sized this photograph, but a cropped version is
below. Which do you prefer as I'm not sure of my favourite.


Pippa (pjbear) said...

I love the top holly one and the top tree one, not sure about the bottom 2 I quite like the splash of red in the stop sign (me being difficult I know)

Sarah said...

top holly one's my computer wallpaper :) I liked the red too, just didn't know if a stop sign was right to have in the piccie, but I liked the way the trees framed the skyline

Michelle loves ... said...

Gr8 pics! I didn't have much snow :( I can never find holly when it snows!!! lol