Monday, 6 December 2010

O Christmas Tree

So, this year, I'm forced to find myself somewhere to live, end up living alone and never sure what I think about it, divorce, change my surname and I'm still out of work.

But, it's nearly the end of the year and I'm hoping for a better one next year.

This year, I've had to move house, am living on my own which is still depressing at times, am newly divorced, have changed my surname, was stuck indoors all summer (doctor's orders) and am still out of work.

But it's nearly the end of the year that I want to put behind me and hopefully next year will be better and brighter.

And as it's nearly Christmas, I thought I'd try and get into the spirit of things. One item I took away from my marriage was the Christmas tree. Got it from Tesco last year thanks to their vouchers and it has built in lights. The biggest frustration I have with trees is putting the lights on and taking them off again. It's probably because I'm so short that it's hard to reach over and round. But to have them built in, meant that I had to change from clear to coloured bulbs. That was such a hard decision to make as I really didn't like coloured bulbs. This year though, I'm growing to like them. I'm hoping to pick up a gold angel for the top by the end of the week if my order's in the shop and the warehouse wasn't out of them. I could have it in silver, but that's not going to look right on a red and gold decorated tree.

If anyone has any tips on how to photograph an indoor Christmas tree, please pass them on. After half an hour I gave up and this is the best shot I have. Yes, I did play around with the white balance and flash on/off and others got thrown in there too.

I have recently acquired a Willow Tree Angel of Freedom figurine, so staged a photo with the tree, the figurine and my glass of wine

I had Christmas music playing too. I did myself a play-list about two weeks ago ready for tonight with over 6 hours of music, so that's been keeping me going. I have a rule that I will not play Christmas music until my tree is up. Early hours Sunday, I got it out of the box, on its stand and the branches ready, just so that I could play Christmas tunes. Couldn't do the baubles then as I was doing the CyberCrop on UKScrappers and that took precedence over the tree I'm afraid! But, it's up and decorated so let the festivities begin.


Pippa (pjbear) said...

Snap, we won't play christmas music until the tree is going up LOL! Of course a UKS CC took precedence over the tree, NO contest!

Sian said...

I've have a pretty bad year too! Next year won't be much better, but I'm trying to stay positive and I'm living one day at a time.
Your tree is lovely and sorry can't help with the photo taking - I just point and press the button LOL!

Sarah said...

LOL to Pippa

Sian, sending strength and love your way to help you get through another year.

I used to just point and press until I started doing a photography course last week. Now I'm not happy unless my photos come out amazing, which of course they won't do as I've only just started!!! Oh for the days of 'point and press' and "sorry, but it's all my camera can manage" :/

Melissa said...

Over ten years ago, I had a similar Christmas and was in my own place all alone. I bought a really cute stuffed bear with the year on it that year because it made me smile. When I put it out each year, it is a reminder that I can overcome adversity. Last year my dear hubby and I had some very difficult times (not between us, but in our life together) and at Christmastime when we were struggling emotionally, I bought another cute stuffed bear with the year on it. This year those two bears sit together, cute as can be, reminding us that there will be difficult times but we can make it through. I'm rooting for you to have a wonderful Christmas from my corner of Texas and really encourage you to pick up something that you totally love this year that will be a reminder for years to come that you can make it through the difficult times! Hugs!

Sarah said...

Awww, Melissa, thank you (((hugs))) back at ya xx

alexa said...

Hoping that next year is better for you, and that the tree and music lift your spirits! Great idea to make a playlist and CD. :)

humel said...

Good for you focusing on the positive and looking ahead to what WILL BE a better year for you I hope and pray xx

I play Christmas music while I'm making my mincemeat and then my mince pies, but that's the only time the CD goes on!

Sarah said...

Thanks Humel.

I bought some tree ornaments from Tesco the other day. One of them's more girly than my ex would have liked! Have decided that I'm going to get a couple every year if I can.