Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ In The Frame by Lisa

So, The Studio Challenges cybercrop is well under-way and I managed to do a LO (Becky Fleck's Sketch) before leaving to have my leg re-dressed. and have managed two LOs since I've been back.

Lisa Saunders has shown us three different techniques for framing our photographs. I've yet to do the last one (Stitched Frame), but here's the two I have done:

Painted Frame
Kieran has always called cuddles, cuggles. Don't cha just love the cute words children come out with?

Circular Frame
Kieran having tickles with Nanny.

And yes, I realise that a lot of my LOs today feature my youngest nephew. I was lucky enough to be at my Mum's a week ago when he was there with his sister. She spent her time outside with her friends and my camera batteries lasted long enough to get some lovely photos of him. Can't believe he's two and a half now. Where has that time gone?

Love, Sarah C xx

Thanks Mum

Thanks to my Mum for making me a salad roll for lunch, my diet today has been a little more healthy than just vanilla sponge cake with lemon icing :D

and I've saved you a slice, so come on over and I'll put the kettle on

Love, Sarah C xx

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Becky Fleck Sketch

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop is on the way and to start off, we have been given a Becky Fleck sketch. Here's my take on it using Bazzill and Basic Grey Wassail papers

Love, Sarah C x

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Pre-Crop Challenge

Amanda was so excited about her cybercrop (on The Studio Challenges blog) that's happening in a few hours, that she set a two-part pre-crop challenge.

Firstly, she challenged us to create a LO with a framed title.

I used Peppercorn's Double Dipped Papers in their Delish Design. From these, I took the title and the mat which I cut to make a frame. I mounted the frame using foam pads to give some dimension. The photo is of my youngest nephew last year and altered on PhotoFunia. A couple of ribbons and some blooms and the LO's done.
The photo's not brilliant as it's night time
I'll try to remember to take a clearer one during the day and replace this one.
(Have replaced the photo now with a much clearer one).

The second part of her challenge is to answer the following questions:

1) What's your name and where do you hail from?
I'm Sarah C and I live 20 minutes away from the Cathedral city of Ely, Cambridgeshire
2) Who's your favourite scrappy manufacturer?
I have several, but my all time favourite is Basic Grey
3) What product do you find yourself using most?
Bazzill. I use it as the base for most of my LOs
4) Do you prefer to make your own embellishments or buy ready made?
I buy a lot of ready made embellishments, but want to have a go at making more of my own
5) Have you ever taken part in a cybercrop before?
I have indeed. I've taken part in 2 cybercrops on UKScrappers (whodunnit and the Wizard of Oz). Wanted to do the last one (Monopoly), but personal circumstances stopped me. I did manage to download all the challenges (which I've done since) and the classes (which I'm hoping do do sometime).
Really looking forward to the one this Saturday too.

So, if you're a scrapper and not already doing Amanda's Cybercrop, why not? Head on over and join the fun.

Love, Sarah C xx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Ribbon Girl Giveaway


If you love ribbon as much as I do, you'll love to hear about a rainbow of ribbon that someone's going to win (so hope it's me!).

The Ribbon Girl has a blog and on-line shop selling predominately ribbons and someone's going to be lucky enough to win all the ribbon pictured here:

To enter, all you have to do is go put the kettle on, make a cup of tea or coffee and go read a book. Simple eh?

Still here? Well, I want to win, so I was hoping you wouldn't want to know how to actually enter the draw. Ok, go be a follower and leave a comment on this post
Now I've told you, if you win, expect me to come banging down your door to share it with you!!!!! LOL

Love, Sarah C xx