Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Delicious DIY by Anna White-Sharman

Anna White-Sherman gave us a tutorial for making pin-wheels and flowers.
Here are my LOs using the ones I've made.


(I've used Stickles Glitter Glue in Crystal on the edges of the flowers and free-hand cut the leaves)

Love, Sarah C xx

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Only In Summer by Valerie

Valerie set a challenge as part of The Studio Challenges Cybercrop which was to do a LO .
depicting something you only do in summer or a summer tradition you have.

A few years ago, David (my ex) and I had our nephew, niece, my cousin and her son round for an end of summer party. The neighbour's boys came round too and after playing with water bombs and eating food, we all went next door so that the children could play in the swimming pool. What a great end to their holidays.

Love, Sarah C xx

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Summer LO by Ifa Zainon

Ifa Zainon gave us a gorgeous LO class using acetate. Here's my take on the class:

Love, Sarah C xx

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 3

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Does anyone else find it as hard to complain about the treatment you receive as I do? I thought it would be easy to just fill in a form saying that you are unhappy about the way you were treated, but it wasn't.
I did it though, which was a first for me.
Do I feel better having done it? Sort of, but now I've just got to wait and see what happens next.

Love, Sarah C xx

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 2

Hey, guess what? When you live alone, cooking is something you have to push yourself to do, but when you do, the results are often really yummy.

Photo is from the internet (I'll replace it once I've cooked my second batch and taken a photo)

I had an Enchilada box kit that was almost out of date, so after a few days of umming and ahhing, finally cooked some of it up. Made enough for two days, so have got some for Saturday's dinner too. Made some potato wedges to go with it and, well, a clear plate speaks volumes. I must cook more often.

Love, Sarah C

Friday, 3 September 2010

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ All About Me by Wendy McKee

Wendy McKee gave us a class in which the result was a LO all about yourself. I didn't have all the items she used, so deviated a little. I also worked with PPs that I usually shy from, but the result is one I love.
Some of the wording was stuck on flat, others are raised on foam pads. The 'This is me' was cut on my ROBO and is designed by Winnie (Wingus on UKScrappers) for which I thank her heaps.

Love, Sarah C xx

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ In The Frame by Lisa (post 2)

Lisa showed us three different techniques for framing our photographs on The Studio Challenges Cybercrop. See my post here for my first two and the third is below:

Love, Sarah C xx

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Anna Bowkis Sketch

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop had the privilege of having a sketch challenge by Anna Bowkis.
Here's my take on it:

Love, Sarah C xx

The Studio Challenges Cybercrop ~ Cosmo Cricket

At lunchtime on The Studio Challenges Cybercrop on 21st August, there was a challenge to create a card using Cosmo Cricket products. We have until this Saturday (5th September) to upload our creations, so I'm still in time. I used two of the double sided Earth Love papers (repeat at the top, and relieve at the bottom). I've added some buttons and a wired ribbon bow.

Love, Sarah C xx

The Sunday Creative ~ Prompt 10

I'm really sad that I haven't kept up with Madeline's The Sunday Creative. I've missed the last two week's.
I have managed to do the latest challenge though and this week's word is:


Once my thinking cap was on, I went round my house late at night, taking photos of some of the lights and lampshades. Here's the results:

The photo; above, was taken by my lying on the bed, trying to get the circles lined up inside each other.
From a standing view, it looks like this:

After taking these photos, I went to close my bedroom curtains, but stopped once I saw the view in front of me. The flats behind mine were illuminated by the street lamps, so I took a few shots and used a programme I have to make them into one panoramic photograph:

So, that's my take on the word illuminate. Wonder what this Sunday's word will be?

Love, Sarah C xx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 1

Oh me oh my, it's September already and that must mean it's the start of Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day (which will now be known as LSNED).

I realised yesterday, that although I don't enjoy shopping on my own, the contents of the bag I walk out of the shop with is worth the agony of being alone!!!

Here's what happened:
I had been given some vouchers for the art shop and decided to use some of them.
I'm not a big fan of shopping of any kind, so although it was nice to have some (what I call 'guilt free') shopping time, I didn't exactly enjoy going on my own.
But, I did it and got several drawing pens in black and sepia, sketch books, something to keep them all in and some large paintbrushes for my crafting. Now all I have to do is use them.

Love, Sarah C xx