Saturday, 18 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 18

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I think I've been trying to convince myself that my leg's getting better quicker than it is. It's been 9 weeks today since I had my day really ill and then developed cellulitus. And my leg still isn't ok, I'm having to have it dressed no less than once a week (better than every few hours which is was about a month ago), I have to keep it elevated as much as possible, I'm not allowed to walk far on it and when the weather's cold it hurts like crazy.

Do I sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself? Probably because I am. All summer I've been largely housebound and it's not good. I need to drag myself out of this and I'm sure I'll be able to do that once I'm on the road to normal and able to get out and about on my own without relying on Mum to take me everywhere. She's been a star and I can't thank her enough.

What I have learnt today though, is that it's perfectly ok to leave the housework and rest if that's what your body
(or in my case, leg) needs.

Love, Sarah C xx

Friday, 17 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 17

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Today's been a better day because:

1) a fellow LSNED participant left a kind, supportive and generous comment on one of my posts and also sent me a  PM through the LSNED forum
2) I was finally able to catch up with my sister and had a lovely phone chat with her. Hope your tooth gets sorted soon and that the pain subsides.
3) I actually cooked dinner again. Made yummy lasagne using Quorn mince and mushrooms. My lasagnes are fairly healthy too as I don't use a white sauce just the tomato one.
4) When I've felt peckish today, I've made a coffee in the hope that that stops me eating. Works mostly and is ok to have loads of it as I have de-caff.

My main learning from today is that it's quite ok to admit you have a problem and  that help and support comes from places you'd never think of.

Love, Sarah C xx

The Sunday Creative ~ Prompt 12

Madeline's word prompt for this week's The Sunday Creative is


I've decided to go along the lines of comfort food,
so here's the cakes I baked yesterday

Love, Sarah C xx

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 16

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Oh goodness gracious me.

Why oh why did I bake some cakes???

I hate feeling low and rubbish because I usually get a sugar craving and end up baking. Then I end up eating what I've baked. Today was no exception. Aargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One batch of chocolate buns with royal icing later and I feel bleurgh. My mood hasn't changed, in fact it's got worse because I feel bad about what I've eaten. I have a freezer full of food (vegetarian meat alternatives and vegetables) as well as potatoes, pasta and rice yet I end up eating cakes for dinner.

As I said earlier:

Why oh why did I bake some cakes???

Love, Sarah C xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 15

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Why did I do it?????????????

Finally cooked my evening meal at 20:00hrs.

Quick and easy packet of tomato and onion pasta
and a part-bake baguette that I cooked Tuesday.

So, why the scream at the beginning?

Because while the pasta was cooking,
I was eating the baguette!!!!!
(Did you notice it was missing from the photo?)

Dinner then became a simple bowl of packet pasta.
Nice, but would have been nicer if it wasn't alone.

Will I ever learn???

I so hope so.

Love, Sarah C xx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 14

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I should learn from times gone past, be more vocal and say what I need rather than go along with things and get to the point where I've had enough for one day. Too many times have I just gone with things and not said when I need a break.

Yesterday was no exception.

Mum came over and while she was here, she wanted some printing done for a couple of church groups. What I thought was going to be relatively quick and easy, took a few hours. Part way through, I was thinking "I really need a break."

Did I say anything? Did I tell her? Did I have that break? Well, I tried. I suggested that we have a drink, but she didn't want one saying "I'm ok, this is what I need doing next" So, there went my coffee break and with it, all hopes of me getting a computer break too. After almost 3 hours, we finally finished. I felt as bleak as the weather (it was raining rather hard), hungry and fed up. It felt good to be able to help the lady who'd been my wheels while my leg was out of action, but I also felt mean feeling the way I did about how long it had taken too.
I know I should have said something earlier, should have insisted that I had a break and this is something that I struggle so much with. Maybe one day I'll get there, but until I do, I'll go over hers afterwards (like I did yesterday) and eat her jaffa cakes as a reward. They were nice too :D

Love, Sarah C xx

Scrap That Reviews ~ Scrapgogo Giveaway


Ok, ok, ok, I'm here. You can stop nagging me now. I'm going to tell everyone as per your instructions.
I'm not going to keep it to myself (although you'll be hard pressed to get me to share if I win!!!!!!!!!!!!).

So, what am I sharing with you all today?????
Something I know you I know none of you will be interested in!!

The kind ladies at Scrapagogo have given Scrap That Review
 some gorgeous stash for them to give to one lucky winner.


See, I told you you wouldn't be interested.

You want to win it too???????????????
Oh no, that wasn't on the cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right-y-oh, you've worn me down. I'm not going to make it too easy for you to win, you have to do some of the work yourself. Here's where you can find out how to enter. And if you win, remember who told you about it and sent you over there!!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 13

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Why oh why didn't I cook a proper dinner yesterday?

Because I didn't know what I wanted ...
Because I didn't fancy all the washing up from it ...
Because I couldn't be bothered.

But, by not cooking, I ended up snacking and eating far more than I should have.

So next dinner time, if I sit thinking

I don't know what I want ...
I don't fancy all that washing up ...
I can't be bothered ...

I have to pull myself out of that and fill the kitchen with the smell of food cooking. I know it'll benefit me in both the short and long run.

Love, Sarah C xx

Monday, 13 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 12

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Sunday used to be the time when my whole family got together including my Nan, ate Sunday roast at lunch time and tried to spend the afternoon doing things together without arguing. Sunday used to be the only day that happened. Sunday used to be the one day that my whole family were together. That's all changed. My sisters and I grew up and started lives of our own. Dad and Nan died. I got married, then moved into a place of my own as a separated woman. My youngest sister got married. My other sister has a partner and a family of her own. Our Sundays have changed. - Orkut scraps, graphic and comments

What I do know is that for me, Sundays seem exceptionally quiet and exceptionally lonely now.

Love, Sarah C xx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

LSNED 2010 ~ DAY 11

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As 11th September starts at midnight, I've decided to share with you something I learnt while talking to Mum shortly before she fell asleep at the end of 10th September. Yes, she really did fall asleep while we were talking!! Don't think she liked the way the conversation was going!!!

Someone we both know has a very strong opinion about people on benefits. They feel that benefit claimants get way too much money and help. At the moment, their gripes are with families where both parents are out of work and those on Mobility/Disability Allowances. Our pre-bedtime talk was focused on mobility/disability allowances.

There's someone this person knows who gets Mobility Allowance. In the UK, you can trade in your allowance to get a car. What I didn't know was that the car is brand new, gets upgraded every two or three years and all parts/servicing/tyres etc are paid for for you. What I did know, was that if you're on Mobility Allowance, your road tax is free. That part of the benefit goes either to the disabled person if they still drive, or to their main driver. I know this because my Nan got that benefit and Mum's road tax was free. So, what's the gripe? Well,this lady has a car that is funded by the Government, her road tax is free and she uses the local dial-a-ride (a door-to-door mini-bus service that you pay to use) during the week while her husband uses the brand new car to go to and from work. Neither my Mum nor my sister seem to think this is right.

My take on it, is that if the couple are prepared to give up their benefit money and find the money for her dial-a-ride journeys, what's the issue? Her husband drives her about when he's home, so she's not being kept housebound while he has a shiny, road-tax free car to do what he wants with. When I reminded Mum of what it was like for her when Nan was alive, she didn't seem too happy. Nan kept her mobility allowance and used it to pay Mum some fuel money and the rest of us bus/taxi fares to be able to do her shopping, get to her to do her housework, take her to doctor's appointments and such. Sometimes a taxi would have to be used to go to an appointment or the odd time she wanted to go to town because Mum wasn't available. All the time Mum's road tax was being paid for by the Government and she was able to go where she liked with it. No-one said it was wrong. No-one said that it was unfair. No-one said Mum should do all the transporting. No-one batted an eye-lid. No-one cared. Nan was getting what she needed, having done what she needed to be done and such. So, why is it wrong for someone else to have to find another means of getting places and such? At this point, my Mum closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Sometimes I despair, I really do. I think the phrase 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' comes in handy here and I'm sure there's loads of other sayings that are appropriate.

Love, Sarah C xx