Saturday, 30 October 2010

Be Happy

My blogging friend and fellow Shimelle follower
posted this video on her blog today.

After the post below, I thought I'd share this with you.

If you have less than 3 minutes to spare, turn your sound up
a little, sit back and watch. I wonder if it will strike a chord
with you the way it did me today?

As the title of it says
"Be Happy"

The End of the Decade

If you read this post, you'll know that ten years ago I met
the 'man of my dreams' and we became husband and wife.

The 'man of my dreams' stopped seeing me
as the 'woman of his dreams' and today I have
an envelope containing my final divorce papers.

Sometimes life sucks, but I must go on. I have no idea what
my future holds,I just hope that it's a happy and long life. What I
do know is that if he wants to wipe all trace of me from his life,
I can do the same. I'm making an appointment with my solicitor
to change my surname. I don't want the one that David gave
me when we married, I want my Dad's name. The name he
gave my Mum when they married and me when I was born.
My family name, not my ex-husband's.

Onwards and upwards? I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet,
but I'll come in sideways until I find my feet again if that's ok?

Friday, 29 October 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 5

Fill in the Blanks

Here's my fill in the blanks from the prompt we were given today:

I wish I could go back to a time when I was truly happy. A time like the day when Jo & I burnt the tacos and the cooker! It made me feel silly, but happy, like I could take on the world. That same day, we'd been out and drank until it was closing time. We both said it was stupid to forget them and let them burn. I know I thought the happiness we shared would last forever and a day. There was never another evening quite like that. If only I could go back there!

Although the taco shells caught fire and we had flames, I am thankful that that's the only thing that got burnt. It serves us right for sitting in the living room chatting rather than keeping an eye on them! The cooker ended up with black smoke on it which we couldn't get off and was still there when the house was handed back to the agent a few years later. Every time we think about that evening, we can't help but laugh about it.

I posted a fill in the blanks on Facebook
and also in Shimelle's forum.

I met Sarah _______. She is _______ and _______, She loves _______. If we were stranded on a desert island together we would _______ and _______. My one word to sum her up would be _______.

Here are some of the responses I've had so far.
Feel free to leave me a comment and fill in the blanks.
It would be great to see what more of you would put.

I met Sarah on UKScrappers. She is kind and thoughtful, She loves scrapbooking. If we were stranded on a desert island together we would scrapbook and craft. My one word to sum her up would be artistic.

I met Sarah once. She is caring and talented, She loves her family. If we were stranded on a desert island together we would chat and chat. My one word to sum her up would be fun!

I met Sarah blogging (but would like to meet her in real life too!) She is delightfully witty and reassuringly supportive. She loves scrapbooking and photography. If we were stranded on a desert islant together we would ferment sugar cane, squeeze fresh pineapples, shin up palm trees to collect coconuts and make pina coladas to sip as the sun sets over the horizon. My one word to sum her up would be FEMININE.

I met Sarah at Shimelle Laine's site. She is definitely too hard on herself and she needs a kick in the but to realize what a great person she is. She loves all of us. If we were stranded on a desert island together, we would get her self esteem right back to where it should be. My one word to sum her up would be a joy for me to have as a far away friend!

Aren't my on-line friends just amazing. I hadn't realised how much they think of me. Thank you all for taking the time to do this exercise for me. You're amazing and I love you all.

Thankful Thursdays ~ 28th October 2010

Yesterday was the last Thursday of this month, 
which means it's the last Thankful Thursday
over at Elle's Studio. I may be a day late posting
this, but it's never to late to be thankful, is it?

This week I'm thankful:


There was a time when I didn't have. When one potato
and an individual meat pie had to feed two of us.
They're the not so happy days, but days that I can
remember and be so thankful that things have changed.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 4

Writing Letters

I'm going to share some of the short letters I've
written tonight thanks to inspiration from not
only the prompt, but other True Stories members.

Dear CraftROBO,

I fell in love with you when I first saw you and still love you today. You are amazing in what you can do. I don't love you though when you are temperamental and insist on taking the paper in skewiff. If I promise to use you more often, will you please work as you should and not make me waste precious paper?

Your ever loving, if not at times exasperated owner x

Dear laptop,

Thank you for being there for me and for looking after my on-line friends that live inside you. I'm really sorry I've dropped you and for breaking your original adapter. You're amazing. Please stay that way.

Love ya my friend x

Dear poorly leg,

Why did you choose to go bad? Why won't you get better? You made me miss the Summer. I had plans to enjoy myself and get out with my camera, but you stopped that.. I'm over you now!


Dear Social,

I'm already living on next to nothing. How do you think I can give you more? It's your fault I owe you anyway. If you'd pulled your finger out before, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Take note! I have nothing left to give.


A very frustrated Job Seeker

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 3

Rinse and Repeat

Here's some of my writing today using the prompt we
were given. I'm going to scrapbook this and use
photos of my nephews and niece as this is about them

I am thankful you are my sister's children
I am thankful that this makes me your Auntie
I am thankful for every minute I can spend with you
I am thankful we are so close
I am thankful for the funny faces you pull, making me laugh
I am thankful for your funny ways making me smile
I am thankful that you are growing up giving cuddles and hugs
I am thankful that you tolerate my photography addiction
I am thankful that I am able to see you all grow up
I am thankful and grateful and love you all

True Stories ~ Prompt 2

As easy as ABC or 123

I've done three pieces of writing for the second
prompt and this is the piece I'm sharing with you.

A Lot Can Change In A Decade

 years ago, there were  people,  lives,
 hearts beating as  home,  person working
supporting the  of us.  dream,  hope,  families
not realising they would be joined by our  marriage.
 sets of eyes looking towards  bright future.

 years on, there's still  people, but now with
separate lives. hearts beating alone with no love.
homes,  of us working,  of us unemployed,
struggling to stay afloat. No us.  dream shattered.
No hope, separate families, no marriage, 
  sets of eyes turned away, each looking for new future.

Who would have known that years ago, these lives would change so quickly, so suddenly, so sadly?