Saturday, 6 November 2010

True Stories ~ Prompt 10

The Reference Section

I tend to use the word 'Awesome' quite a bit
and even have two lay-outs titled with it!

Here's one of them

I wonder what word(s) could I have used instead of Awesome?

I checked an on-line Thesaurus and here's what I found:

astonishing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking,
grand, impressive, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing,
over-whelming, striking, stunning, wonderful, wondrous

So, if I were to write a piece of journalling to
accompany this here's what I might say:

This was the breathtaking view that met us as we walked
up to Warwick Castle. It looked stunning as it stood there
in the glorious sun. With the blue sky hovering above.
Such a grand building it was almost overwhelmingly
impressive. A wonderful, magnificent, mind-blowing
image that will remain etched in my memory forever.

And no 'Awesome' in there at all.

Be Thankful Blog Hop

Thanks to everyone involved in this blog hop encouraging us to look at what we are thankful for. Something that gets overlooked way too often.

So, I sat down with my drink and started the hop.

BWS tips button

1) I'm thankful I have my Mum. She's been amazing all these years and especially so when any of us need help. Thank you for being you and for being there for me Mum. Love you xx


2) I'm thankful I have a roof over my head and food in my cupboard/fridge/freezer. I know too many people don't have and that I'm one of the lucky ones.

Much Ado About Nothing

3) I'm thankful for the power of the internet. With it, the world's a much smaller place and I've got great friends all over the globe.

Craft Junkie Too Friend

4) I'm thankful for the nurses that come in up to three times a week to dress my leg. One day, they won't be needed, but they've been coming in for several weeks so far and are cheery, friendly and a lovely bunch of ladies.

Scrap Guy

5) I'm thankful that I had chance to sit with my Nan before she died listening to her telling the same war stories time and time again. Was ok the first few times, but little did I know that when I heard them for the umpteenth time, it was helping to engrave them in my memory for when I started scrapbooking. I must get them out of my head and onto paper now.


6) I'm thankful I have family around me. We're not in contact loads, but we know that we're there if any of us need help.

Crazy About Cricut button

7) I'm thankful for my laptop table. Leg's aching today and this table means that I can sit on the sofa with my leg up and still be connected to you guys.

8) I'm thankful for all of my life's experiences. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. They've all helped me to be the person I am today.


9) I'm thankful I can hear music being played, birds singing, my friends and family when they talk to me, life going on around me.

Scrappin Army Wifey

10) I'm thankful for the changing seasons reminding me that life goes on. When the trees seem bare, I know it won't be long before they'll pick themselves up and be in full bloom again.

Gilby's Craftster

11) My last stop on this Blog Hop, so my last chance to be thankful. I've trawled my brain to try to find a thanks worthy of the last place. But nothing seemed enough. So, my last thanks is to all of you, my blog followers and readers. Without you, this blog would be a place where I come to alone. A place where I put my craft and other stuff and would serve only as a reference library for me. Thank you all so much for coming to visit and for the time you take to leave comments. You will never know how much you keep me inspired and the encouragement you give is second to none.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Scarlet Lime Goodies

Do I love my postie or what?

Last month, I did a Scarlet Lime Blog Hop and was
lucky enough to be a winner of one of their amazing kits.

That's why I love my postie, because he brought it to me today.

Here's what the; understated an
often overlooked, brown box contained:


Anyone fancy some
free natural goodies
to eat and delivered to your door
free of charge?

Click on the logo above and
when asked type in the code:


to get your first box free and
second box half price (£1.64)

After that, you can choose to:

Continue with one box a week at £3.29
Multiply your order to more deliveries a
week or more boxes per delivery
Cancel your orders completely

Plus, you get to go through everything they
supply and bin, like, love, hate or agree to try.

Sounds good? I thought so too. Can't tell you what the products
are like yet, as I'm waiting for my first box to arrive,
but I'll post piccies and do a review once they have.



Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thankful Thursdays ~ 4th November 2010

Yay, I thought Thankful Thursday
at Elle's Blog was only for October.

I'm pleased to tell you it wasn't so you can
still join in and share your thankfullnesses.

This week, I'm thankful for:




Today's been cold and very windy. A bit like
every other day this week. The only difference
is that I had to go out in it today as I had an
appointment with a nurse to have my blood 
pressure checked and my dressing changed.
I'd much rather have stayed indoors in the warm.

This Flat

This Flat

is where I live, where I craft
and is where I've spent most of my time these last (almost) sixteen weeks
holds all my worldly goods
has an under-used kitchen
does not have a TV or stereo
nor a microwave, or tumble dryer or dishwasher
it shakes when a lorry goes past on the bypass
and also shakes when it's really windy
it has visitors, but not nearly enough
is rented, but is mine

Hungry Heffy Crafts ~ Giveaway

Put my name in the referrer box when you sign up
for the Hungry Heffy Crafts Newsletter
and we could all be in with the chance
to win some lovely goodies

Sounds great huh?

Click on the cow and see where it takes you

True Stories ~ Prompt 8 ~ Part 2

Firstly, if you haven't seen Part 1 you need to go here
before you read any further. Don't forget to come back.

The Questions

 What do you remember us doing during the days?
 What do you remember about the rabbits?
 What is your best memory from the holiday?
 What other memories do you have from it?

My sister's answers:

 Sleeping til probably midday (not making breakfast)).

Other than that, I think we sat in Skyline drinking coffee, eating cake and watching any afternoon stage entertainment - we saw a great one doing the diablo which I think we have pics of.

Not sure what else we did! Did we get a bus to Skegness or Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells one day? Ah - did we go to the animal place at Skegness? (I know I went there with someone) *Jo, I don't remember going there, but that's not to say we didn't!

 'Chasing' them down the pathway to the chalet to get a photo but them keep running away. Me repeating "I can't believe there are rabbits here, I have to get a photo!"

 Knowing that we had such a laugh from the moment we booked it and looking forward to what we'd get up to, to being there and laughing/singing into our sleep, then coming home with great memories of it which we remembered well with the pics we put up on the side of our kitchen cabinet in the house at Ely.

 Making it to breakfast on the last day (I think it was), but having a laugh with the (rather lovely!) waiter about our late nights/non breakfast.

Being nervous/shy about standing on the chairs to dance but really enjoying it when I did. Doing the 'this is how the dancers do their 'spiritual' poses on the stage at Spring Harvest' whilst standing on one of those chairs - which was really only funny at the time!

Not being allowed to take the very pretty colourful bottle from the club, not even to make it into a candlestick (bad doormen!). *And thanks to my sister's memory, I've been told that the bar was American themed, not Irish. I blame my memory on the drink!!

Having our eyebrows done and you having your hair done for your birthday with those little clips that were oh-so-trendy at the time! * Thanks for that Jo, I'd hoped that was well forgotten, but oh how wrong was I? LOL

Managing to sneak into the other room and put birthday banners and balloons up for you. * Thanks heeps for that. It meant a lot to me :D

Gosh, most of my memories are from drinking/being in the club!!
Oh my.

So, she's just confirmed what I thought and between us, we've ruined our reputation overnight. Turns out we were two ladies on holiday, who eyed up the waiter, slept all morning, drank loads, danced on the furniture, argued with the bouncers and chased rabbits. Sounds like the perfect holiday don't you think?

True Stories ~ Prompt 8 ~ Part 1

A Group Effort

I've sent my sister the following four questions about a holiday we both went on eleven years ago and hope that she'll answer them.

 What do you remember us doing during the days?
What do you remember about the rabbits?
What is your best memory from the holiday?
What other memories do you have from it?

Here are my answers/memories to the same questions:

As we went to the Irish bar every night, we weren't about too early. We were there half-board and hardly knew breakfast time!!

When we did get up, I remember us going to Fantasy Land one day, playing on the 2p machines and messing about in the photo booth. What did happen to those piccies? We found a market and I bought a swimming cozzie. I think it was bright orange. I had visions of me taking up swimming again once I got home, but it was either sold at a car boot sale or given to charity a few years later!

I really can't remember what else we did in the day time. Did we sleep through most of them?

Oh yes, those poor defenceless rabbits. I think it was the night of my birthday. Surprise, surprise we'd been to the Irish bar and had quite a bit to drink. Staggering to our chalet we spotted some cute rabbits on the green outside our door. You were determined to get some photos, so spent a few minutes chasing them around. It was so funny watching you and I've sometimes wondered what others thought if they saw you too.

My best memory from the holiday? I have two. One was waking up on the day of my birthday to find that you'd managed to put up banners and balloons during the night without me knowing. 

My other favourite memory is the night of my birthday. We went to the Irish bar (as we did every night) and drank quite a bit. I don't even know what we were drinking, but the bottles were very colourful. We danced on the tables, one of us asked the DJ for a song and the whole night was amazing.

I remember missing breakfast apart from two mornings. Our jaunts to the coffee bar in the centre of the Skyline. Having bread and marmite in the chalet - we could not live a week without it. The tiny bathroom at the end of our hall. Lots of laughter, lots of drinks, lots of fun, lots of freedom.