Saturday, 8 January 2011

52Q ~ Journal and Q1

Over on UKScrappers, nettyb has started a new challenge for 2011.
Every week she's going to give us a question and it's up to us how we
answer it. By doing a LO, an art journal, tags, ATCs, journalling .....
List of possibilities is endless.

I loved doing the journalling class last year and have decided to use that
as my medium. I even found some money to buy an A5 journal book for it.
And of course, I had a pink pen that I bought to go with my pink diary.
Both of these are Breast Cancer ones, so I'm doing my bit to save lives.

Here's my journal, pen and journalling for the first question which is:
What are your hopes for 2011?
(I used my artistic licence and decided to go with hopes and goals)

Journalling reads:

My hopes and goals for 2011
A new year, a new beginning and a new me?
So, what are my hopes and goals for 2011?

  • To lose at least 1 1/2lb per week and a total of at least 5 1/2st by the end of the year
  • To walk more and do my exercise DVD at least twice a week
  • To eat at least 2 proper meals each day
  • To make one of those meals a hot one in the winter
  • To get my finances in order and live within my budget
  • To finish the craft projects I've started before my birthday in June
  • To do the weekly and monthly challenges on UKS
  • To keep up with other challenges I've started or want to start doing
  • To finish unpacking from my move
  • To keep my flat clean and tidy
  • To find something every day that makes me smile or laugh. Both would be great.
I wonder if I'll keep to all these or if I'm hoping a little too much for things? Most of these seen do-able, so we'll see what happens over the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Love your goals for 2011. I am sure you will achieve them all. I love all things pink, so great notebook.

alexa said...

Very self-nurturing goals and here's to your success!

Pippa (pjbear) said...

Quite a sensible list my dear, best to have do-able hopes & goals as disappointment & self bashing soon sets if we set unrealistic goals. XX

Dragonfly said...

Good luck with all your goals.