Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Thought I'd share some photos with you of my Christmas Day 2010 which was
spent with my Mum, youngest sister Jo, her husband Mark and his Dad Roger.

We all contributed to the food and Jo and Mark cooked it with Jo being chief cook.

Here's a very delicious totally vegetarian and lactose free Christmas dinner:

I did tell you it was delicious!!

There wasn't much left except a stray sprout and carrot!

But we still had a teeny bit of room for a teeny piece of
Christmas pudding. I even had soya custard with mine.

Mark and Roger offered to wash up.
There weren't any disagreements with that.

They were both stars.

Especially as this is only a fraction of what they did!

While us ladies sat in the room sorting out our answers
for the 'getting to know you' quiz Jo had organised.

Once they'd finished, Mark had to concentrate hard
on his answers. Kept him quiet for a little while ;)

Roger had already done his, so him and us girlies sat
playing games while we waited for Mark to catch up.

Then we played the parcel game with the presents we'd secretly wrapped

It's surprising how quickly tea came around, even though it
was about 9pm. I think the quiz had worked up an appetite.

Jo even made a dairy and alcohol free Christmas cake. I had
some to bring home and I can vouch that she's a great cook.

So, Jo, Mark, Roger and Mum, thanks for helping make Christmas Day great.
Your efforts didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Love you guys xxx


I don't have piccies to share, but Father Christmas bought me:

an Ikea Expedit unit
a web cam
a pink tool set in a pink tool bag
French manicure set
back scratchers!!
a Tesco gift card (have used some of it to buy some earrings and a Cancer Research pink pen)
a food mixer as mine packed up a short while ago
Dairy Milk buttons and so that I could eat them, they came with Super Lactase
Enzyme tablets which help the body break down the lactose in food. These work
as I was able to have some dairy cheese and a few chocolates without feeling ill.

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Melissa said...

I love the photos of the full plate and then the empty plate - wish I'd thought of that! :>) Looks and sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!