Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Expedit Unit

Following on from the post below, here's what my Expedit Unit houses for me:

The rest of my stash (paints, brads, buttons, eyelets, inks, blooms, unmounted
stamps and more) are housed in the CD/DVD unit that sits alongside.
It houses so much stuff as it's one of these with sliding doors.

They're designed to be stacked, so I have one underneath it that houses all my books, DVD's and CD's.

Photo is from
If you're reading this and you're short of space, I highly recommend these two units.
I got my Expedit from E-Bay and it was half the price of a new one. It's worth keeping
an eye on that site if you're after one. Took me a while to find one at the right price
locally, but I got there in the end. It's amazing what bargains you can get on there,


Nicky said...

Loving your new unit looks great and hold so much stuff - but keeps it all neat and organised brilliant - thanks for sharing looks great

alexa said...

A great job in using all the space effectively - and glad you've got what you need now. Hoping it making scrapping easier and more productive for you.

Pippa (pjbear) said...

Loving this Sarah, love the organisation, you got wayyyyy toooo much stash though LOL - you need to use it ROFLMAO, go Sarah, go Sarah :)