Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Shepherdess Pie ~ My Way

Sometimes I get the urge to do some proper home cooking.
Not baking as in pies, pastries and cakes, but proper home cooking.
Wholesome warm and nourishing meals. Meals that mean peeling and chopping.

Sunday, Mum came round for a hot meal and I made a stew with mini herb scones.
Unfortunately, I never took a photo of it, but the stew contained:
carrots, parsnips, swede, courgettes, mushrooms, Quorn pieces and gravy.
I usually add onion, but Mum can't eat onion, so that was left out.

Monday, I still had the home cooking bug, so got myself in
the kitchen again and made this Shepherdess pie ~ my way.

I wish I'd realised the plate needed cleaning before photographing!

So, if it's making your mouth water, here's how I made it:

In a saucepan I put some thickish gravy and added a finely chopped carrot and red onion.

After 5 minutes, I added a finely chopped courgette, a couple of mushrooms and some Quorn mince.

After another 5 minutes, I added some peas and 5 minutes later put it all into an oven proof dish.

If at any of the above stages you think the liquid is too thick, you can add a drop of water.

For the topping, peel and chop some potatoes and swede and boil them together until soft.

Mash with a little butter or margarine.

When the mince and vegetables have cooled a little, top with the mash and fork the top.

Put on a baking sheet and in a pre-heated oven to heat through and brown.
Sometimes the gravy will bubble and spill over, so the tray catches it for you.

And there you have it, Shepherdess Pie ~ My way.

I made enough for two portions, so have frozen the second one for another day.
As I'm trying to watch what I eat, I've switched from a dinner plate to a salad plate.
It seemed to work as I was rather full at the end of the meal.

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alexa said...

Looks great - lovely to have a non-meat recipe for those of us who are vegetarian. :)