Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Busy Two Days, But No Profiteroles

I had my niece staying overnight yesterday. We started our time together by having a meal at Prezzo's with my Mum (her Nan), but unfortunately I forgot to take piccies. We had such a great meal and time. We had char-grilled Italian bread with dishes of olive oil and balsamic vinegar which was gorgeous and wetted the appetite. We skipped a starter so that we could have dessert if we wanted. Mum had Marguerite pizza, Elise had lasagne and I had field mushroom risotto. Mum couldn't manage dessert, but Elise had chocolate fudge cake with crushed brownies and ice-cream and I had honeycomb smash cheesecake. Thanks to the lacto tablets I was given for Christmas, I was able to eat a normal dessert and it was amazing. The best part of the meal was paying. Yep, you read right. Thanks to Tesco Clubcard Deals, I had vouchers to pay for the meals and only had to pay for the drinks. Even better, is that I have enough vouchers left to take two of us out for another meal and as they're valid until the end of June this year, I'm thinking of using them sometime around my birthday in June.

Last night Elise and I played Backgammon and I lost 3-0 to a 14 year old!!! She's one clever player. Sitting down to watch the soaps, I'm not sure how much she got to actually see as she was texting all night. The joys of teens having unlimited texts eh? Her phone beeped way into the night and eventually, we went to bed. I found out today that she ended up turning her phone off an hour later so that she could get some sleep and woke to "a million" texts this morning where the beeping continued. Being the 'terrible Auntie' I threatened to take her phone off her for a bit to give her a break. Instead, she put it in the bedroom and shut the door on it. That lasted all of ... ooh ... erm ... uh ... 30 minutes I think then it was glued to her again.

I did manage to get her to pose for me to help with a photography course I'm taking at the moment, but have promised not to put those photos on my blog, sorry guys.

When Elise stays here she eats what I eat which is so helpful because I never have to worry about making sure there's cow's cheese or meat in the flat. We missed breakfast so had our raisin and cinnamon bagels and OJ for lunch and made our own oven chips to have with a veggie burger in a bun and balsamic vinegar dressed tossed salad. Earlier we attempted to make profiteroles to have with butter-cream and hot chocolate sauce for dessert. Note the word attempted? The turned out awful so were binned. Instead, we quickly knocked up a vanilla sponge which with the hot chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings was delicious. We're going to try profiteroles again next time, so hopefully they'll work. Practice, practice, practice eh? I might have a trial run before she comes over so that if they don't work for me, it'll be third time lucky with her ... I hope!!!

Here's Elise and the sponge and sauce. I never promised not to show this photo of her!!!

Love, Sarah xx

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Nicky said...

Sound like you have been have lots of fun with your niece - hmmm that pudding looks yummy