Friday, 25 February 2011

Peppermint Creative's Pimp My Page Challenge #33


Here's my LO using two of the free digi kits from
Peppermint Creative: New Year's Eve and Little Buckaroo

The photo itself has been changed using

Love, Sarah xx


Sammie said...

Thank you -I've found you!!!! I've signed up as a follower, but for some reason I'm faceless :S Oh to be computer savvy like you! I'm loving your LO -oh and a definite yes to your sister's project. It's the least I can do.
Lots of heartfelt love xxx

Sarah said...

I'm not that computer savvy. A lot of it's trial and error. As for you being faceless, un-follow me, then when you click to be a follower, it might bring up a box with a headless box. If so, there should be a button that enables you to change your photo. I've had problems with this recently and felt like screaming at blogger at times!!

Jo N said...

Thanku Sammie! Oh, and she is computer savvy Sammie!!

Sarah said...

it is trial and error a lot of the time as it was a few mins ago when I was helping you Jo.

Oh and can you two tell prospective employers that even though I don't have a computer qualification, I can use a computer and some HTML stuff too

Jo N said...

lol, Sarah, if family were allowed to write references, then yes, with a capital Y, bells & whistles!!! x