Thursday, 3 February 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - January Week 5

The Indecisives set the challenge on Monday and it was quite an interesting one to say the least.

We had to use the sketch or we couldn't claim any other points, so of course I did.
Also, we had to choose one of the themes and 4 of the elements/techniques listed.

My theme is friends
My elements/techniques are:
1 stamp, hidden journalling (square on the bottom left of the photo), ribbon (bottom right)

I've used a mix of digi freebies from Shabby Princess and re-coloured some to suit
plus the red boa border at the top is from Computer Scrapbook's free 20's Chic digi kit
(The frame's only there to help define the edges of the white background and is not part of the LO)

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