Friday, 11 March 2011

The Birthday Party

The family descended on my sister and her family last Saturday
to help celebrate her fella's 30th birthday last Thursday.

Here's a few photo from it. I wish I'd taken more, but my batteries
wouldn't last long. My new charger is pants, but I have my old one
back now, so I should be able to take more in future.

This is my cute (I am only just) 3 year old nephew Kieran
as cute as a button, but still beat me on the Wii !!!

Doing his Mario waiting impression,
hand on hip and toe tapping

Then comes Mario's wagging finger
still with hand on hip and toe tapping.
I was laughing too much hence the blur

The man of the day. Not sure what he was laughing at,
but the daughter in the corner was doing her
"I am not amused" look

Not sure who was more interested in the
new Buzz Lightyear toy. Dad or son?
Was a late Christmas present for Kieran from Auntie Alex.

Trying not to get attacked by the zombies, but failed

And here's two of them who stopped him

Quick, while Daddy's not watching, I can actually play with my new toy!

Alex concentrating hard while Kieran watches Grandma with Buzz

If you tilt your head to the side or turn your computer screen
you'll be able to see this short video clip featuring Kieran and Daddy

If you didn't catch what Daddy said at the end it's
"He just looked at me and went like that!"

It's not until I try to take photos of little ones at play, that I realise
how quickly they move. If only they'd stand still occasionally, then I
could get better photos. Then again, if I want them to be 'real' blurry it is!

Enjoy the little ones while it lasts, they'll all grow up too quick!

Love, Sarah xoxo


alexa said...

Looks as if you all had a great time - and yes, they do grow so fast and move so fast as well. I am another with a host of blurry photos of little ones!

Sammie said...

Hi Sarah
I'm doing a quick trip round blogland this morning, stealing half an hour before I get down to some grotty paperwork to do with *whispers* banks.
Love your pictures. The colours are so warm and homely.
I visited your sister's blog and left a message. Great job!
Oh and thank you for your wonderful email. It meant so much. You are a wonderful friend.