Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Brave Girls

I've just watched last night's Biggest Loser final and something has clicked inside my head. I know I'm already losing weight steadily, but I also know that I'm not doing enough to help the weight go or doing enough exercise. My head was not in that space, but it now feels like it is. I hope I'm right as I need to do more exercise and be more careful about what, when and why I eat.

Once I'd finished watching the programme, I realised I had an e-mail from:

Brave Girls Club

(Click on the picture to sign up and get your Daily Truths)

It's as if someone knows what I was thinking and was such perfect timing as today's reads:

Dear Oh-So-Strong Girl,

You really are much stronger than you think you are.
Even those things in your life that feel like such a heavy weight...
They are making you stronger and stronger every day.
And the world needs more strong women.
Use your strength in places that bring you joy... usually that comes from helping others, teaching others what you know and remind yourself of all that is good and true when you are feeling weak.

You are such a gift.....keep being brave.


So, all I need to do is lose the 'heavy weight' from my body, keep strong
while I'm doing it. Keep helping and inspiring others that are fighting their own
weight battles and keep being brave knowing that I can and will get there.

When I do get there, you'll see new photos of me.

Love, Sarah


alison290 said...

What a great thing to have read after feeling so downhearted! I have lost 14lbs since New Year (still have a long way to go) and I know how easy it is to 'slip'.Am looking forward to seeing these new pics-'cos I know you are going to achieve your goal! xx

Sarah said...

Thanks Alison. Congratulations on your weight loss. You've done better than me this year xx