Saturday, 19 March 2011

Photography A-Z - F

Here's my F for Frozen Food

Photograph has had no editing. Thanks to Cheryl Johnson I'm learning
how to use the settings on my camera and this photograph goes to prove
that you can get the right shot on your first attempt! Thanks CJ for the classes.

LO done using:

Oh and not scrap related, but I'm amazed at the change in the weather lately.
Last night and first thing this morning we had ice and today I shed my coat
leaving it in Mum's car and since arriving home I've been enjoying the fresh
air from an open window. Spring really is sprung don't you think? :D

Love, Sarah xoxo


Sammie said...

Very clever!!! I love this design -it's fun and funky!

Picturit said...

Hi Sarah, got my computer back. Lovely design and you eat the same bread as me Ha. Regards Kev