Monday, 14 March 2011

52Q - Q11

Q11 - What keeps me awake at night?

There's one simple answer for this, but that's for my journal book and me to know.

Before this current reason came along, what kept me awake were thoughts of being alone, living alone, being self-sufficient and it all going wrong. Having things come crashing down around me, not having enough money to pay my bills. Never having someone to cuddle up to and to talk to. Not having anyone to hold hands with and pass the time of day with.

But for now, I've used the Almost Silent kit by Computer Scrapbook and an image I got
from the internet and gave a transparent background to do my LO in answer to the question:

Love, Sarah xoxo


Sammie said...

uhuh -so this has got me thinking.............!
I love the image and the subtle colours. So simple -so moving xxx

Sarah said...

Thank you and I've mailed you my friend :) xx

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely layout Sarah. There is nothing to fear from living alone, you may find in time you enjoy it as I do.
Chris xx (DippyD)

Sarah said...

Thanks Chris xx