Wednesday, 6 April 2011

52Q ~ Q14 - Journalling and LO

 Q14 - What is the last good book I read? 

 I've been a fan of chick lits ever since I can remember. 
 I love books by Zoe Barnes, Jane Green and Freya North especially. 

 Since moving to my flat though, reading has taken a back seat. Recently, 
 I decided that I would try and read a chapter of a book each night to see 
 if it would help me sleep better. But deciding what book to read was so hard. 
 I once had an obsession with buying books, so have several I haven't yet read. 

 Eventually, I picked up Freya North's Pillow Talk. I was meant to be reading 
 one chapter per night, but found myself unable to put the book down so soon 
 and one chapter soon became two. It was only when I was so tired and unable 
 to hold the book, that I turned off the light. Now I'm hoping (and will) buy her 
 latest book Chances. Wonder how many chapters of that I'll read each night? 

 I've made my LO using Computer Scrapbook's Royalty kit 

 Love, Sarah xoxo 


Pippa (pjbear) said...

I love the feel of this, serene, great background!

Picturit said...

Reading is so therapeutic I love Bernard Cornwell and Glen Cooper, I am waiting for them both to bring out another book.