Tuesday, 12 April 2011

52Q - Q15 ~ Journalling and LO

 Q15 - What makes me, me? 

 I've been told that because I'm sensitive, I'm also caring and thoughtful. A good combination maybe, but sometimes that makes life hard for me. I find it hard to say no when I'm asked to do something I either don't want to or can't really do. How do you say no when you know that someone's relying on you to say yes? Answers on a postcard???? ;) 

 But being sensitive, caring and thoughtful means that I'm there with a shoulder or ear if people need someone to turn to. I'm there with the tea, sympathy and hugs. The one you can trust to keep a secret, the one you know will be there for you. 

 If you ever ask me to do something or be there for you and I have to say no, it's nothing personal. It means that I really can't say yes, not that I've chosen to let you down and say no. 

LO is made using Daisy Trail's Little Birds

 Love, Sarah xoxo 

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