Friday, 22 April 2011

An Afternoon At The Park

 When my two younger sisters and I were children, we were lucky to live in a tiny farming village 
 away from fast cars. This meant that our parents weren't worried about our safety when we went 
 out to play. The other advantage of living where we did, was that the park was right behind our 
 house. This meant that we didn't have to cross a road to get there and we could be seen from 
 our garden. Very handy when it was dinner time as our parents would walk to the bottom of the 
 garden to call us in! The park's changed a bit since our time, but it's still a great and safe place to 
 go with youngsters as my niece and I found out when we took her little brother there last Saturday. 

 I left my proper camera at home as I wanted natural shots, so pretended to be messing about with 
 my phone and took a few photos while they played. It's times like this that you can see the bond 
 between them and it's priceless. I love seeing them together. It's the same when the little one is with 
 his big brother. Love oozes out and it's such a privilege to see. I'm waiting to see how they cope
 with the next one that's due in June. I know that there's enough love and time to give to both. 

 So, here's a few photos that put a smile on my face 

 Kieran's "I love you this much!" 

  Elise's "You're not going without me this time!" 

 Love, Sarah xoxo 

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