Wednesday, 13 April 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - April 2011 ~ Week 2

 This week's challenge was set by the Scrap Happy's and they challenged us to: 

 * scrap a celebration / special event 
 * include pink or blue 
 * use bells / houses / stamping / flowers 

 For those of you keeping things crossed that I get the new home I've put in for, you've only 
 got a few more days of doing so. I had a call today saying that the agents are waiting for one 
 more piece of information and as long as that's ok, the home is mine. Best bit, is that they can't 
 see any problems with it, so it's almost a done deal. To say I'm happy is an understatement. 

 So, my LO is in anticipation of getting the "You have the home" call 
 as I've scrapped the window under which my craft desk will go. 

 I've made my LO using the Mexican Wave kit by Daisy Trail 

 Love, Sarah xoxo 


Alison said...

That looks like a fab spot for your table...hope you're there soon!
Alison xx

Sarah said...

thank you. If all goes to plan, moving day will be Good Friday (next week - 22nd April) :D

Picturit said...

Hi Sarah I hope you get your new home and that your move is easy and uneventful. Bet you got loads of packing to do. Have you had to move to get more room for your craft stuff? Ha Ha

Sarah said...

ROFL Must admit that when I was looking at places, my main priority was would my stash fit in!! In this room, there's 2 sky lights, so I have possible plans for having a photography area under the other one. No idea how I'm going to have the other rooms though lol