Thursday, 19 May 2011

52Q ~ Q17 and Q19

Q17 - What is your superpower?

I've never thought much about having a superpower, but moving has meant that I couldn't find my tablets for a couple of days and that meant that my sleeping was all over the place. Some days I'd be awake for 20 or so hours at a time, but once I started back on them, I'd want to sleep for England. As long as I'm taking them every day, my sleeping settles into a great pattern and I can happily sleep for the recommended 8 hours and also at night, which for anyone who knows me, will know that that is a big thing!!

Here's my LO done using the free Little Monsters digi kit from Daisy Trail.

Q19 - What keeps me sane?

Not so long ago, I would easily have said that a bar of chocolate certainly helped keep me sane. Nowadays it's a different story and as chocolate just doesn't have the same effect, it's more a case of 'who' not 'what' keeps me sane. My Mum, bless her, is a star. If I'm feeling down, fed up or ready to scream, a simple call to her puts all the wrongs right (or if she can't right the wrong, she helps me make sense of it all) and makes life seem bearable again. She's lovely is my Mum and if I could, I'd lend her to you all to help you through your times of wanting to scream and shout too.

My LO was done using the free Playground digi kit also by Daisy Trail.

Love, Sarah xoxo

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