Monday, 30 May 2011

52Q ~ Q21 - Journalling and LO

Q22 - Which direction am I going in?

Well, I've had enough of going backwards and of standing still. I've had enough of struggling to find a job and not being qualified or having the regular qualifications. I've had enough of how life was and want a good life. A happy life. A life where I'm not struggling to cope mentally, physically and financially.

So, I decided to take a new direction. No looking back. I've started an OU course in 'Web Design' and hope to make it my career. Once this course is over, I've been offered the loan of a suitable camera for doing an OU photography course. So, if I manage to complete and pass these, I may try to set up my own business offering these services.

Which direction am I going in? It can only be up from here

LO was done using elements from Computer Scrapbook's Honor and Heart and Soul kits

Love, Sarah xoxo

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