Friday, 24 June 2011

ATDML CC - Saturday 4pm Class

Saturday, 4pm and Mel Hand's mini book class. Mel did hers for the travels she's been on as well as future ones. I've done mine as a sort of 'smash' book so that I can jot ideas and such for crafting in my future.

The right hand page has a pocket for 'bits'

Envelope is stuck to the page on 2 sides so that I can easily slip extra papers behind it

This envelope is stuck to the page on 2 sides as before with the lined paper slipped behind.

Folded piece of plain paper on the left gives loads of room for me to write/draw/stick

This envelope is bound as an additional item, leaving the page behind it free.
I stuck some card to the edge of the envelope for extra stability.

I made a deep pocket for the last page so that I can put loads or a bulky item in it

Love, Sarah xoxo

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