Friday, 17 June 2011

Hey Mr Postie, thanks for taking care of my post

I had a really lovely surprise today. Mr Postie brought me an envelope from a good friend of mine. If you're reading this good friend of mine, you'll know who you are. I didn't realise it was from her until I read the back of the tag that the envelope  contained. Anyway, the tag is beautiful, thank you so much good friend of mine
Love ya xxx

and I have no idea why blogger's turning it on its side as I've clearly rotated the photo before saving it!!
But if you click on it, you get it up the right way :D

*** edited to add that now I come back to it and it's the right way up, but waaaaaay squashed.
Just click on it and you'll see it in all it's glory - the beautiful tag it really is :D

Love, Sarah xoxo


Scrappydiva said...

OOoh very nice tag! What a lovely friend you have... can she send me one too please? I have need of friends like that!

I'm happy to see that it's not just me that Blogger is doing that to. I was wondering if it was my computer doing it, but obviously not! What I've ended up doing is when you hit the 'upload from file' button it pops up with your photo folder. Upload your picture and if it has rotated it start again with the 'upload from file' button. Now, once the photo folder is open ROTATE it the same amount in the opposite direction that Blogger has rotated it. Then upload it again. This normally means that when Blogger tries to rotate it again, it actually comes out the right way up.

Does that make sense? Clear as mud, I know! I hope it helps!!

Sarah said...

It is rather a nice tag isn't it? She's an amazing lady cos she's not well and has so much stuff going on, but still finds time and energy to do this for her friends to surprise us and put smiles on our faces. She puts me to shame I can tell you.

Sarah said...

Oh and yep, I think it's clear as murky water. Not quite the mud you thought and might be clear as drinking water once I've given it a go. But, when I came back on here, blogger had turned it the right way and squashed it! Wonder what it'll do to it next? lol

Picturit said...

Great tag from a special lady. There seem to be strange goings on in Bloggerland. Thanks for the comment on my post. Anything you think is useful just send it. i am looking for stuff that is damaged and in need of repair and restoration. If you have an Old B&W that you think might be nice coloured let me know and send as much info with it I.E if people hair colour etc etc.. I really appreciate it and what I use I will repair and send back to you. IT may take a while though Ha Ha
Best Wishes Kevin