Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A New Forum

Some of you will know that I've not long completed a short OU course in Design and the Web. As part of it, we had to make a 6 page website, so I did and you can see it here. After the feedback I got from family, friends and other OU students, I decided to expand on what I'd done, so have set up a forum which you can go to if you click on the picture below at the top of this post.

The whole purpose of the forum is to share recipes so that anyone who is already (or is considering to become) vegetarian or who is lactose intolerant can eat interesting and yummy food. There are also places on the forum where you can get, give or ask for advice, hints and tips. Plus there's loads more.

The forum is also good if you are not vegetarian or lactose intolerant as several of the recipes can be adapted to include some meat (if you wish) and dairy based products instead of lacto-free/rice/soya products.

So, come on over and join us. At the time of writing this, the forum is still small, but once word has spread, I'm hoping it will grow to be a thriving community.

See you there,
Love, Sarah xoxo

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