Sunday, 24 July 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - July 2011 Week 3 and 52Q - Q29

This week's challenge was set by The Tag-A-Longs who challenged us to:

use the photo of sunflowers for inspiration (colours/sketch/subject etc) - I went with using it as a sketch
celebration theme - Christmas
tag(s) - I've used one to put my journalling on
ribbon - on the tag and a bow

LO was made using kits by Daisy Trail

Q29 - Do you have a recurring dream?

I actually have several recurring dreams. Some are nice, some are not so nice, some are weird, some are funny. I dream of being chased in the woods, of feeling small in the middle of a shopping centre where all the shops are huge and sell huge items (eg the cards in the card shop are 2 meters tall!!!). I dream of people that are living and people that have died. I dream of the past, I dream of the future. I dream of my hopes, I dream of my fears.

I dream in full colour and I dream fast. I remember waking once thinking I must have been asleep for hours because of the dream I'd just had, but I'd only been asleep 20 minutes. I sometimes wake up from my dreams with a smile on my face and other times with a tear in my eye.

Some dreams seem so real that I'm sad when I realise they aren't. Some dreams are so far fetched that I'm grateful that they are just dreams.

I have had one or two dreams for as long as I can remember. Just when I think they've gone away, they return, catching me unaware.

Sometimes I wish I knew what my dreams mean and other times I'm glad I don't. The fear of the unknown maybe?

So, do I have a recurring dream? You bet I do and I have more than one.

LO is done using kits from Daisy Trail and a sleeping lady image from the internet

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