Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shimelle's Cybercrop - 12th challenge

Challenge #12 - The signature accent challenge. What is my signature accent? What do I put on most if not all my LOs? After much thought and looking back at previous LOs, I realised I use flowers quite a bit, so I guess that's my signature accent at the moment. I've also; this week-end, been in receipt of a kit that had some gorgeous white lace in it, so am using that a bit too.

This is (I think) going to be the cover for Mum's album, so once again please

I've used one of my new Word Arts which will be available to you once I've finished the collection.
This one will be about journey's, holidays and such so totally themed (or that's the plan). Once again, I've paper pieced the last two words with a Googled map of Somerset. The H has Burnham-On-Sea across the middle as that's where we stayed and we toured the area from there.

Love, Sarah xoxo


Kim Strother said...

Your mom will love this, she is one lucky lady!

Georgia said...

This is how you used the map to make those words.

Cynthia said...

I love those map words--how cute! The colors are beautiful!