Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Shimelle's Cybercrop - 13th challenge

No, you haven't read that dates wrong above. The week-end is officially over, but the lovely, darling Shimelle has continued the fun into this week. Not only that, but she's put together a video to show us how she put together a LO. After watching her video, our challenge was to use as many or few of her ideas on a LO of our own.

My LO used most of her ideas and positionings as I loved her LO loads. What I didn't bank on with doing mine digitally, was that it would take me all night to do it. I'll explain what I did in a bit, but this is another

LO as it's going in Mum's holiday album. Have a look at the LO, then I'll give you a run down of what I did.

Ok, so what did you see? Freehand cutting? My own made bingo cards (and yep, I made 2!)? Re-colouring? Erasing parts of the some of the butterflies? Changing the background butterflies into sand drawings to give them an embossed look? Painting a frame under the bingo card? Using a brush to add the edging to the large butterfly and also each individual spot on it? Anything else you can see I did? Framing? Using another frame as a stamp? Changing colour photos to B&W? Cropping Shading? Adding depth? Making my own flag (sort of thing)?

What you can't see is the amount of times I tried something and it wouldn't work (CTRL+Z is definitely my friend). The times my programme almost froze on me as I tried to save my ongoing work. The pain I'm still in from having bad cramp in both legs and the top of a foot just before I started working on my LO. Above all, what you probably can't see is the dedication of knowing that I was making another LO to go in Mum's album above all else.

Love, Sarah xoxo


Kim Strother said...

It might have taken a long time, but it looks well worth it. Amazing job and I think I like the darker color of the butterflies even more than the original.

Cynthia said...

Love the butterflies!! Great layout too!

Mary B said...

Oh Sarah well done indeed and yes I know exactly what you have gone through and the amount of time it took that if what I do all the time but isn't it satisfactory when you have produced something digitally like this that others have just thrown together with some pre made bits?

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone. It's a LO I really enjoyed doing.

Mary, I do know what you mean about the pre-made bits, but I use those sort loads, so I personally will never underestimate the wonder of being able to use someone else's hard work. Also, I do a lot of re-colouring and now that I have the full scrapbook programme, I can cut bits out and erase others, so I can change pre-made things quite a bit (as I did with the butterflies on the background of this LO).

Wendy said...

well done on taking the time to do it all. It looks great I am only paper - digital frightens me :)