Thursday, 25 August 2011

UKS Weekly Challenge ~ August 2011 week 4, 52Q - Q34 and Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

The weekly challenge this week was set by Jules (Julesmichelle).
She challenged us to:

use a house/home theme - yep
include a list - yep
use your favourite colour - ooh, I spy some pink
include a trio of something - there's 3 of a few things on there

Q34 - How do you create your nest?

I've moved quite a few times since I was 16 and making each place into a home isn't the easiest thing to do. It takes me a while to come to terms with having had moved and wondering when the next move's going to be. In the last 17 months, I've had 4 different addresses, albeit that 2 of them were temporary. Firstly I moved to my sister and brother-in-law's for a few weeks, then into a flat on my own. I never really made that flat a home. Never put up photos or pictures or anything that made it mine. For some reason, I didn't think I would be staying there long. I finally got my head around living there when I was given two months to leave thanks to the landlord needing to move in.

I never found anywhere in time, so my belongings went into storage and I couch surfed between my cousin's and my Mum's for a week. After this, I was given keys to another place. It surprised me at how quickly it felt like home. I soon had a few things up on the walls and my Angel of Freedom taking pride of place in the living room.

LO was made using Shimelle's latest Sketch of the Week

Love, Sarah xoxo


Cynthia said...

I love your take on Shimelle's challenge! Great layers and beautiful color choices!

mandy said...

Lovely, lovely layouts, being a digi scrapper obviously makes you a prolific scrapper, did you ever scrap with paper and glue? I can't get away with digi scrapping, I think it's because I like the feel of the paper and I like to end up with inky fingers, I do know that my kitchen table would be a whole lot tidier if I digi scrapped, haha

Sarah said...

thanks ladies.

Mandy, I was and still am a paper scrapper, but digi seems to have taken over this year. I'm hoping to get back to paper scrapping sometime soon though.